Windows 7 SP1 – Fehler 0x800f0829

Probleme bei der Installation des Service Pack 1 für Windows 7?
Verbinde einfach das Notebook mit seinem Netzteil und dem Stromnetz… 😉

If you receive Windows Update error 800f0829, it means that your computer is running on battery power. This update can’t be installed while your computer isrunning on battery power. Connect your computer to an electrical outlet and try to install this update again.

Error codes this applies to:

  • WindowsUpdate_800f0829
  • 800f0829
  • 0x800f0829

Ein Hoch auf aussagekräftige Fehlermeldungen!

[via Windows 7 Help & How-to]

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  1. hi
    WindowsUpdate_800f0829 – my computer is plugged-in, and i keep getting the same error, why is that?

  2. hi nir, i would recommend: charge the battery, reboot the machine and try the sp installation again.
    the error code definitely points to “no power source connected”.

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